Launch of "Free 7-day version" promotion

The campaign "Trial Week with Tolkee" is a great opportunity to get acquainted with an innovative platform for learning foreign languages. for learning foreign languages. You will be able to learn more about your language learning abilities, familiarize yourself with the learning materials and approaches provided by Tolkee. You will be able to learn more about your language learning capabilities, experience the materials and approaches provided by Tolkee, and decide whether to continue learning on this platform. Open up a world of language with Tolkee and immerse yourself in an exciting journey of cultural enrichment and linguistic diversity!

Get full free access to the system for a week. You will be given free 10,000 tokens to learn a foreign language. The rate will expire after one week or when the tokens expire.

To get free access is required

1. Write to the manager in messengers about getting free access.

2. The manager will create a test account and send the accesses. You do not need to support your payment details or card.

3. Consult with your manager about how to use the tool specifically for your situation. For example, preparing for a job interview or exam, studying, working, everyday life, etc.

4. When the 7-day version expires our manager will contact you.

Note! The manager has the right to refuse in case of suspected fraud. The free 7-day version can be used once per 1 phone number.